Top designer shoe brands for women

Accessories for women are totally uncountable unlike men. Whether it is bags, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes etc, women absolutely love her accessories more than anything else. Accessories have got the power to make or break one’s look, which is why right selection of accessories is pretty essential. Precisely if we talk about designer shoes or designer clothes for women, even more care must be taken in buying them, as you need to splash pretty good amount of your money on them. If you are planning to invest in some nice and stylish designer footwear anytime soon, then you have land at the right place. Below we have mentioned some of the famous designer shoe brands which are absolutely worth investing your money.


The brand is quite famous among fashion lovers for its beautiful range of accessories and apparels. In the footwear department too, it doesn’t fail to impress us. The brand offers wide range of footwear including brogues, pumps, wedges, boots, loafers, trainers and more.


If you wish to go bold and beautiful, then Prada has to be your choice when it comes to picking designer footwear. The brand offers stunning heels, sandals, lace-ups, boots, sneakers etc in bright and vibrant colors.

Dolce & Gabbana

It is an Italian brand which is preferred by many A list celebrities all over the world. The brand offers beautiful sculptural sandals, multi-colored sequins which can make turn heads for sure. It also stow wide range of women apparels as well as accessories which are absolutely worth investing your money.

Jimmy Choo

The brand is absolutely synonymous with class and luxury and quite often Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities are seen flaunting the brand on red carpet of prestigious award functions. The brand came into existence back in the 1980’s and since then it has managed to maintain quite a good position in the luxury fashion department.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a household name among the elite class, and the brand is famous for its classy range of bags, shoes and more. The brand is about 160 years old and is regarded as one of the most loved and valued brands in the fashion department.

Christian Louboutin

The brand is well-known among high-end fashion lovers for its alluring range of heels. Fashionistas across the globe absolutely drool over red colored heels, due to which the brand dedicated an entire division to cater the same.

So if you are a fashion lover, and love investing in luxury apparels and accessories, there is definitely some good news for you.

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